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    BF4: Battlelog Update Notes, April 8 Loadout Presets Coming To BF4 BF4: Naval Strike Carrier Glitch BF4: Naval Strike Released On PC [PREMIUM]

    BF4 Naval Strike Ultra Quality Trailer

    Battlefield NewsBF4 Naval Strike Ultra Quality Trailer
    BF4 delivers 64-player multiplayer in 60 frames per second, powered by the next generation Frostbite 3 engine. The full glory of Battlefield 4 is not... [More]

    BF4 Naval Strike PC Codes Giveaway

    Battlefield NewsBF4 Naval Strike PC Codes Giveaway!
    Every Tuesday, EA offer something you can’t get anywhere else with the EA Tuesday Exclusive. This week, they are hooking fans up with the chance to win a... [More]

    BF4: Naval Strike Out Now for All Players

    Battlefield NewsBF4 Naval Strike Out Now for All!
    BF4 Naval Strike is now rolling out during the day on all platforms for non-Premium members. If you want to secure access to the future Battlefield 4 expansions... [More]

    BF4 Battlelog Update, April 8

    Battlefield NewsBF4: Battlelog Update Notes, April 8
    Yesterday there was a few new updates for Battlelog. A silent update for the Battlelog mobile app will follow later today or tomorrow, bringing support for e.g.... [More]

    Loadout Presets Coming To Battlefield 4

    Battlefield NewsLoadout Presets Coming To BF4
    Loadout Presets are a way to save kit or vehicle setups so that you can easily switch between them when going into BF4. With this time-saving feature, you no longer... [More]

    BF4: Naval Strike Available April 15 For All

    Battlefield NewsBF4: Naval Strike Available April 15
    Battlefield 4: Naval Strike is already available for all Premium members and EA/DICE have now officially told us it will be released for all non-premium members... [More]

    Battlefield 4: Naval Strike Carrier Glitch

    Battlefield NewsBF4: Naval Strike Carrier Glitch
    Me and one of the guys from BFI thought we would take a closer look at Carrier Assault before we went into battle. What we found was once the carrier is breached it... [More]

    Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Released On PC

    Battlefield NewsBF4: Naval Strike Released On PC
    Battlefield 4 Naval Strike is starting to roll out for all Premium members on PC today. The team at DICE and Battlefield Informer look forward to seeing you on the... [More]

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